About Us

MACTRAP specialises in design, manufacture and distribution of grease and oil separators in New Zealand and Australia. Based in New Zealand, our products are suitable for New Zealand conditions and comply with New Zealand and Australian waste water regulations.

All our products except for the Kessel range are manufactured in New Zealand. Our passive traps are made from HMWPE and have been produced after five years intensive development and trialling of PE systems. 
We also produce a range of stainless steel under bench grease traps, including a grease removal unit and a grease converter range, incorporating BioZyme dosage systems.

You will find Mactrap products across New Zealand - from small takeaway outlets and restaurants to large hotels, shopping malls and conference centres.
We are the NZ and Australian distributor for the world-leading KESSEL range of waste water treatement systems.
MACTRAP is based in the Bay of Plenty, with manufacturing bases in Auckland, Hamilton and the Wairarapa. 
MACTRAP offers a full guarantee, back up service and installation consultancy.