Grease Boss installation and maintenance

Ensure the outlet pipe is sized to suit the hydraulic flow entering the unit

  • Use flexible couplings to inlet and outlet.
  • Ensure 1:40 fall at all times.
  • Do not use compression hose.
  • Ensure unit filled with water prior to switching on power source.
  • It is advisable to leave power on to retain integrity of default settings.
  • Check correct invert and weir levels herein shown.

Note: Before switching on for the first time, lightly coat roller blades with vegetable oil (not petroleum based oil) to prevent sticking to roller.

GB installation image

 For full installation instructions download the Grease Boss Operational Manual

For SAT files for the Grease Boss to incorporate this unit into your design please contact us.


It is important that all grease traps are installed correctly and properly maintained. This involves daily emptying of the filter basket and waste container and ensuring the wiper blades are free from residue.

To ensure the Grease Boss operates effectively, Mactrap recommends that is is serviced twice a year.  (Most councils require maintenance programmes for under bench grease traps, as part of their consent process).

Where the Grease Boss is installed in premises where baking products are used, please note that flour, if not removed from dishes being cleaned, can form a sludge in the filter basket and tank. It is impotant that flour is removed from dishes prior to washing.

Please contact us for your local approved service agent for Mactrap.

Watch the Mactrap Grease Boss maintenance video here

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