Case Study - Fast Food Franchise Outlet

Our client in these cases usually use large 3000L external passive traps for external use. However, due to new developments inside existing high foot traffic centers, operations are more compact and require all services to be internal.

The client has their own high-performance filtration system installed to extract solids and stabilize wastewater pre-grease trap, enabling them to consider MACTRAP’s under-bench, automatic self-cleaning Grease Boss “Easyclean” grease removal unit (GRU) as an option.

The customer and council set a max daily usage of 10m3 and a max inflow rate of 0.5l/ utility

Design issues

To provide a Grease trap capable of fitting in a confined space offering high FOG recovery with little staff input and capable of treating < max 1l/sec inflow)

Assisting customer and council to accept that the under-bench MACTRAP G15 “Easy clean” GRU system would meet the criteria

The advantage of a self-cleaning system would substantially reduce ongoing service and clean out costs

To meet the above it was recommended that MACTRAP install the G15 “EasyClean” automatic under bench grease removal unit (GRU) function.
A very simple cost-effective plug and play solution to a very busy operation using new recovery and filtration technology.