Case Study - Food Hall

Customer: Private development group

This project required a grease trap to cover 6 major food hall tenants. The flow rate was calculated at NS4 continuous and because there was no external space for installation the only operating position for a grease separator was in the far end of a lower section of the underground car park. In addition, a lift pump was required from grease trap to sewer line for treated waste. 

Design requirements: 

  • To provide a grease trap capable of treating NS4 (4 litre capacity max inflow)
  • Basement location taking up no parking or traffic space
  • Ability to pump contents via 16m Hd to remote street located valve for emptying
  • Needs to be light and easy to install - plug and play
  • Freestanding
  • Safety and serviceability of lift pump 

MACTRAP Solution 

In order to meet the above design issues, Mactrap recommended installing our KESSEL “Easyclean” option NS4 (4L/sec) with full PVS function to ensure full cleanout from remote street control and refilling.

The installation is easily managed through one central control, is cost effective with very little maintenance.

Image KESSEL NS4 in situ