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The Mactrap Grease Converter is suitable for internal use and removes fat, oil and grease (FOG) from waste water by automatically adding enzymes to bioremediate the waste.

After leaving the sink, the waste water enters the Mactrap Grease Converter, runs through two baffles and three chambers and the fat oil and grease (FOG) separates and forms a layer which floats to the top.

'Bio-Zyme' -  which contains bio degradable micro organisms to break down the fats oil and grease, is automatically added to the converter and 'feeds' on the floating FOG solution. The resulting product is then consumed by natural bacteria, releasing safe by-products and reducing odour. Water with minimum FOG is released to exit down the drain.

Remaining suspended solids in the water settle at the base of the converter and are cleaned out during the converter's maintenance schedule.

The Mactrap Grease Converter is available in two standard sizes and custom made converters can be ordered for larger installations.

Made in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions.   

What size of converter do I need?

Mactrap 170 will treat up to 225 litres (0 - 55 restaurant seats)

Mactrap 250 will treat up to 347 litres ( 0 - 90 restaurant seats)

Please contact us to help you calculate a suitably sized converter for your usage.                 

  • Available in 304 grade stainless steel
  • Inlet/outlet is 50mm - reducable to suit required flow rates (100mm is available on request)
  • Removable lid for service and cleaning
  • Meets NZ G13 code and applicable in permitted areas if installed and maintained correctly
  • Auto enzyme dispenser.

The efficiency of a grease converter will be significantly enhanced by an in-sink or pre-trap solids filter.

Full back up service and maintenance contract on application.

Nominal Capacity
Trap treating capacity (L/HR)** In/Outlet BSP Length Width Height Inlet Outlet
Mactrap 170L 390 50mm 800mm 514mm 342mm 240mm 230mm
Seating capacity* 0 - 55            
Mactrap 250L 610 50mm 800mm 490mm 522mm 420mm 410mm
Seating capacity* 0 - 90            

* Seating capacity is based on NZ G13 code of 5L per serve/seat and should be used as a guide only. Please check with your local authority if grease converters can be used in your area. Not applicable for Mactrap Mini or Mactrap Kessel Mini

** Treatment capacity subject to operational variations. Based on average kitchen use of 0.5L/sec inflow with maximum total of 10 cubic metres per day
'Bio-Zyme' contains natural enymes that break down fats, oil and grease, making it easier for nature's bacteria to consume any organic waste matter and odours.

Bio-ZYME' is a high performance, non toxic, non allergenic, biodegradable organic multiple enzyme bio catalytic agent that emulsifies and digests grease deposits and other contaminants in commercial and industrial waste.

For best performance of the MACTRAP converter, only use Bio-Zyme Liquid with this unit as it is programmed to operate with this product. Bio-Zyme’s natural enzymes break down FOG in kitchen effluent. If using any alternative product in place of the Bio-Zyme Liquid, the MACTRAP Grease Converter may not perform as designed to do. Contact us for verification and dose rate.
Automatic Doser
The MACTRAP Grease Converter has an Automatic Doser installed with it, to dose the Bio-Zyme Liquid into the Grease Converter. Automatic dosers may be Bio-Zyme or Hydro Systems AutoDose.
The Mactrap Grease Converter is supplied with:
- One complete auto-dose pump and mounting accessories
- 5L enzyme
- Installation instructions