Rural & Domestic Grease Separator

Rural & Domestic Grease Separator

EasyClean UnderSink Grease Separator

Protect your home, your neighbourhood and your local waterways from blockages caused by fats, oil and grease.

In cities and towns wastewater from home kitchens release fats, oil and grease (FOG) into the same network of pipes that carry raw sewage. FOG solidifies and accumulates in pipes and can causes blockages that result in raw sewerage backing up into your home, your yard or your streets as well as the stormwater system which flows into local waterbodies (streams, lake, beaches).

Home kitchens in a rural setting discharge their kitchen wastewater into their own septic tank.  Leaking and poorly maintained septic systems release raw, untreated sewage that can be picked up by stormwater and discharged in nearby waterbodies.  Remediation and repairs can be very expensive,

Protect your home and the environment with the EasyClean UnderSink grease trap. It is compact to fit under bench and correctly sized to accept wastewater from a single domestic sink.  Installation and maintenance are a breeze.

  • Odour tight.
  • Inspection window to indicate when clean out is required.
  • No tools are required for installation or cleaning.
  • Quick release to disconnect for easy cleaning.
  • Add a trolley to make the clean out process even easier.

Innovation from Kessel.

How it Works



100 % corrosion-free

The EasyClean UnderSink is 100 % made of polymer. That makes it resistant to aggressive wastewater and particularly durable.

100 % waterproof and odour-tight

The tank of the EasyClean UnderSink grease separator is water and odour-tight. We are so confident that we provide a 20-year warranty on the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural stability of the tank.

Inspection Window

Each EasyClean UnderSink comes with an inspection window (fitted on site) for visual checking of the grease layer thickness.

Tool-free installation

The installation is particularly easy for you: You do not need any tools to install the EasyClean UnderSink grease separator – which also applies to the disposal.



Technical Data
Flow Rate 0.7l/sec (single sink)
Inlet/Outlet ∅50mm
Grease Storage 8l
Sludge Trap 12l
Total Volume 33l
Type of Disposal Manual or Suction

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EasyClean UnderSink Brochure
Installation Guide
CAD Drawing (.DWG)

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