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Design and Build

Design and Build

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MACTRAP manufactures products in New Zealand. If we need to modify or develop a product to meet your specific application then we have the skills and the experience to do so. If it needs to be shorter, wider, lower, deeper in the ground, hanging off a wall or have shutoff valves, pumps, sensors – we can design and build it.

If it gets more complicated than our domestic engineering team can handle then we can call upon our international partners at Kessel. In addition to their standard products, Kessel also develop individual solutions for special requirements.

We’ve got you covered.

Standard solution

Draining water, treating wastewater, protecting against backwater: all the standard drainage tasks are covered by our portfolio.

Product adaptation

Because we own our designs and make our products locally we can customise solutions to meet your requirements.

New development

If the range of tasks differs from the usual framework to an extreme extent, we also develop completely new products for your specific application.

Product areas

  • Lifting stations
  • Drain technology
  • Separator technology
  • Hybrid lifting stations
  • Backwater protection
  • Chambers

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