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Lifting Stations

Lifting Stations

For use inside buildings

Lifting stations are installed inside buildings. They are suitable for either an exposed or floor slab installation. The floor slab installation in particular has visible advantages – the use of the cover plate for freely selectable surfaces and the tileable grating plate creates a virtually invisible lifting station – ideal for a common living space. The exposed installation is an inexpensive and clean solution for a retrofit installation of an existing lifting station.

Minilift F

The small version with the powerful macerator SharkTwister.

Compact and also suitable for black water: the Minilift F for exposed installation drains the toilet and other sanitary units in rooms underneath the backwater level or without sufficient slope to the next wastewater collecting pipe. The small lifting station chops sewage and toilet paper reliably and in a flash with the powerful high-quality macerator SharkTwister.

Minilift S

The space-saving version for sewage-free wastewater.

Mini format – mega strong! The Minilift S fits in anywhere due to its small size and impresses with its performance in many areas. The variable inlet and connection options make it a space-saving all-rounder for sewage-free wastewater, whether for free-standing or underfloor installation.

A lifting station for restricted use can handle the lot despite its small size. There are several connection options available. A choice of three different pump capacities is available depending on how much power is required – also resistant to hot water and brine.

Aqualift F Compact

The compact version for complete basement drainage.

One for all: the Aqualift F Compact takes over the complete basement drainage. The lifting station conveys the wastewater, even black water, safely and completely automatically via the backwater level to the higher level sewage channel – even after a pipe burst or flooding – thanks to the integrated drainage function. The compact dimensions allow for an easy floor slab or exposed installation of the Aqualift F Compact. It is controlled by the Comfort control unit with the self-diagnosis system SDS that is supplied ready for connection.

The Aqualift F Compact is available in two versions, either for exposed or for floor slab installation – you can choose between a black cover or tileable cover for the latter. In addition, each device is available as a Mono or Duo lifting station.

Aqualift S Compact

The flexible version for wastewater without sewage.

Reliable and hygienic: the lifting station Aqualift S Compact is a real quick-change artist. It is the first lifting station in our range that can be converted comfortably from a Mono to a Duo system after floor slab installation. Yet that is not the only feature that makes the Aqualift S Compact so special: the free suspension and acoustic decoupling of the pump(s) also makes particularly quiet operation possible.

The Aqualift S Compact is available with a float switch or pneumatic level measurement. The lifting station can also take up and discharge water additionally from the surface through the drain integrated in the black or tileable cover. It is delivered from the factory with either one or two pumps; the new GTF 500 and GTF 500 resistant (for aggressive wastewater such as heating condensate) and the GTF 1200 are the models used here.

Aqualift F Basic

The economical version for domestic wastewater.

The economical alternative: for the disposal of domestic wastewater we offer the lifting station Aqualift F Basic – cutting edge technology at an unbeatable price. It is ideal for the drainage of private toilets, showers and sinks in frost-protected rooms below the backwater level. The lifting station with an integrated backflow preventer discharges the wastewater through the pressure pipe by means of a wet pump.

Aqualift F

The classic version for domestic wastewater.

The Aqualift F is the classic solution for disposing of domestic wastewater. The lifting station transports black water in addition to grey water. Depending on the version, the Aqualift F has one or two automatic pumps that switch on as soon as a certain water level has been reached in the tank and transports the wastewater through the pressure pipe into the sewer.

The Mono system is equipped with one pump and the Duo system has two pumps that operate alternately. Duo systems are used where no operational interruptions can occur due to the failure of a pump. Both system types are available with and without a shut-off valve and with pumps of different performance classes.

Aqualift S100 and S200

Flexible and powerful

The lifting station Aqualift S100 and S200 is the perfect choice for renovations or other installation situations that require an exposed installation. Due to its small installation area, it can also be easily integrated into small rooms by means of retrofitting. Thanks to the one-handed closure that can be operated without tools, maintenance is easy to carry out.

It is available with wastewater tanks in two sizes, as well as different pump capacities. There is also a choice between a single pump with a float or control unit, and two pumps with a control unit. This makes the Aqualift S100 and S200 suitable for a wide variety of applications including the drainage of grease separators. If requirements change, the system can be converted from one to two pumps or another pump type at any time.

Aqualift F XL

The powerful version for commercial, industrial and communal applications.

The Aqualift F XL is a powerful lifting station for commercial, industrial and communal areas. It is ideal for lifting rainwater that occurs below the backwater level or for use downstream of a separator. However, it can also be used for wastewater with sewage. All components, such as tanks and pumps, are modular in design and can be used in any combination.

The Aqualift F XL can be combined with three different tanks with a capacity of 200, 300 or 450 litres. It is also available with pumps in different performance classes and as a Mono or Duo system for different requirements.

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