Pumping Technology

Pumping Technology

Pumping Technology

When drainage objects are located in a basement, or without a natural gradient  to sewer, then we must consider how the wastewater from the object is to reach the sewer. If there is no natural gradient to the sewer, the wastewater must be lifted above the backwater level using a lifting station or pumping station so that it can then flow into the sewage system.

Lifting Stations for wastewater with or without sewage (black water)

The spectrum of KESSEL lifting stations for wastewater containing sewage ranges from small systems for individual toilets for private use through to systems for complete wastewater discharging in the commercial and industrial sector. KESSEL lifting stations offer maximum flexibility in terms of installation options as well. Alongside free-standing lifting stations, we also have versions for installation in the concrete slab or for outdoor underground installation.

Lifting Stations for wastewater without sewage (grey water)

The spectrum of KESSEL lifting stations for wastewater without sewage ranges from small systems for individual drainage objects such as showers, sinks or washing machines to Duo systems for commercial use. There is a choice of lifting stations available for installation in a concrete slab, for free-standing set-up or for outdoor underground installation.

Pumping stations for outdoor underground installation

Up to now, lifting stations for the disposal of wastewater occurring below the level of the sewage channel have mainly been installed in buildings. In the meantime, however, new methods are being pursued. In order to gain more useful space in the basement and reduce noise, a service and inspection chamber housing the lifting station is installed outside the building.

Depending on the requirements, pumps for wastewater with and without sewage, single and twin stations can be fitted in the various in-house developed pumping stations.

Submersible Pumps

Mobile submersible pumps for use in agriculture, industry and trade as well as in private households. The submersible motor pumps are suitable for mobile pumping of larger quantities of clear water, rainwater and soiled water. Swimming pools, ponds, excavations, different tanks, shafts etc. can be pumped empty without any problems thanks to the range of alternative connection options.

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If the sewage is higher than the drainage point, the wastewater must be lifted to the sewage with a lifting station via a backwater loop.


Is your system to be installed inside or outside the building?

  No slope to sewer – Use a Lifting station

  Slope to sewer – Use a Hybrid lifting station

  Inside the building – Use a Lifting station

  Outside the building – Use a Pumping station


Wastewater with sewage is involved whenever pipes are connected that transport water from urinals or toilets to the sewer. This is termed “black water”. Maximum particle size: 40 mm

  Lifting stations for water with sewage

Wastewater without sewage is water without faecal content, for example shower water or water from a washing machine. This is termed “grey water”. Maximum particle size: 10 mm

  Lifting stations for water without sewage


Macerator pumps are especially designed for wastewater containing raw sewage. These systems cut the wastewater into small particles which allows connection to small diameter pressure pipes.


Multi-vane impellered pumps are designed for wastewater with or without raw sewage. A large area inside the pump allows any solids to freely pass into the properly sized pressure pipe without contacting the impeller.


Single-channel impellered pumps are especially designed for solids free or small particle wastewater. The impeller design efficiently moves high volumes of wastewater with minimal power consumption.



KESSEL pumps are classified as S1 or S3 operating duty. An S1 class pump is a continuous duty pump designed to run without interruption, ideal for rainwater applications or for a continuous industrial wastewater flow.

S3 operating duty pumps are intermittent duty and require periodic breaks to stop and cool down. An S3 50 % classified pump, for example, should not run more than 50% of the time and are perfect for standard wastewater from homes, apartments or commercial buildings.

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