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Kessel Parking Deck Drains

Kessel Parking Deck Drains


The load bearers made of Ecoguss

For parking deck drains we use our Ecoguss high-tech composite, which combines the specific advantages of polymer and metal and is an economic and easy to install alternative to drains made of grey cast iron. At the same time, parking deck drains made of Ecoguss offer large advantages with regard to hygiene as well as fire protection and sound insulation and are extremely load resistant and break-proof. There are therefore ideally suitable for use in underground car parks, multi-storey car parks and industrial buildings.

Break-proof & load resistant

Our parking deck drains made of Ecoguss are breakproof and fulfil the requirements for load class B 125. They can therefore be loaded with up to 12.5 tonnes and can be easily driven on by cars or pick-up trucks.

Highest fire protection standards

In case of fire, water outlets constitute a risk, as the fire can pass through the discharge pipes and spread to other parts of the building. Our drains can be equipped with the Fire-Kit fire and smoke protection insert or the Quick-Fit passage seal with integrated fire protection. As soon as fire penetrates the drain body, the fire protection compound inside it swells automatically and seals the pipe socket against flames and smoke.

Fire Kit – How it Works


Metallic Composite

Metallic properties but still non corrosive and non-conductive (no earthing necessary!)

Honeycomb structure for perfect concrete bonding

Easy Installation

Can be installed with hot bitumen to DIN 18195

Connection to moisture barrier/slip layer

Additional sound decoupling and smoke proof connection between core drilling and outlet

Quick-Fit – the all-round seal for core drillings

High Fracture Resistance

High toughness, parking deck drains trafficable up to 12.5 tons

Fire and Smoke Protection

High-temperature resistant up to 400°C. Optionally with Fire-Kit fire protection insert in drain body with vertical outlet

Chemical Resistance

Extremely high acid/alkali resistance for chemically-polluted wastewater

Sound Insulation

Sound-absorbent material with optimum hydraulics for increased sound insulation to DIN 4109 < 30 dB (A)

Minimised Core Drilling

Ø 160 mm → around 2/3 cost savings


Extension Section
Without lateral inlet
Extension Section
With lateral inlet
Fire Kit
Fire protection insert
Quick fit
The all-round passage seal for core drillings for Ecoguss drain body

For use in combination with Fire-Kit fire protection insert

Odour, foam, rodent and insect stop
Odour Trap
Standard odour trap
Odour Trap
Bell shaped odour trap
Hair Filter
Insulating Body

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Ecoguss Parking Deck Ecoguss Fire Kit

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