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Oil Recycling Separators

Oil Recycling Separators


When Every Drop Counts

With conventional grease separators, the separated grease has to be extracted regularly by disposal vehicles. This becomes a problem when the location is difficult to access and/or you wish to sell the grease on to industry at a profit. In such cases, our EasyClean free

SkimTech grease separator with partial disposal is the optimum solution. It collects the grease in a particularly pure form in practical tanks that can easily be stored temporarily and transported without a disposal vehicle. This not only saves you the costs for disposal, you can generate additional profit with a recyclable material in best industrial quality.

How it Works

KESSEL EasyClean SkimTech


Less odour emission.

Additional profits by selling grease to industry.

No vacuum disposal vehicle required.

Collecting tanks easy to transport – ideal for cramped spaces.

Intermediate storage of grease with additional grease barrels possible.

Whats Behind It

Our partial disposer in detail


EasyClean SkimTEch NS 2 – 20



(length, width, height in mm)

Total Volume


NS2 – 99 002.01B/P  3850 1450 2420 1470
NS4 – 99 004.01B/P 3850 1450 2420 1470
NS7 – 99 007.01B/P 4570 1450 2420 1730
NS10 – 99 010.01B/P 4840 1450 2420 1930
NS15 – 99 015.01B/P 5460 1450 2420 2770
NS20 – 99 020.01B/P 6460 1450 2420 3610

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