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Sediment Traps

Sediment Traps


The clean solution for wastewater with sediments, sand and sludge.

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Mactrap polymer sediment traps are chosen nationwide for their robust and lightweight construction, ease of installation and 30 year in-ground warranty. Their ability to be installed above and below ground along with their efficiency and reliability make them a trusted first choice.

Special equipment must be used to prevent harmful substances which corrode the materials used for draining elements or disturb operation from entering the draining system in the first place. Sand and sludge traps are used where wastewater containing sediment is discharged into the drainage system.

An example of the application of sediment traps concerns the use of plaster in the dental, surgical, and orthopaedic treatment areas of hospitals.

Dental and Plaster Traps

Sediment trap for Medical, Dental and Laboratory

Dental and Plaster Traps are small, filtered sediment traps specially designed to remove plaster from the water supply before discharging to the network. They are available in wet or dry filter models.

They are easily installed and serviced with optional rolling trolleys and will handle most of the chemicals used in modern medicine, dentistry, and medical laboratories. Both compact dental/plaster models are easily fitted under-bench and have a clear lid that lifts for inspection and cleaning.


Sediment trap for exterior installation

The inground polymer sediment traps stand out with their compact design and can be set up directly where the sediment occurs. They traps have removable sediment containers and an outlet odour trap. These units are ideal for use with wash sinks.

The inground models are equipped with vertically adjustable upper sections with class A (pedestrian) or class D (vehicular) covers and lids with an odour-tight seal.


Sediment trap for under bench installation
Under Bench Sediment Traps are small to large settlement traps designed to fit under most benches or work surfaces and retain heavier than water fine grits and particulate matter. Under bench units can be equipped with rolling trolleys and quick connect fittings to facilitate easy removal and cleaning.
Under bench sediment trap installed by Plumbing and Gas Works Ltd. with quick connect fittings and rolling trolley .


Under Bench Dental Plaster Trap
Operating Capacity
Low Profile Wet 27 litres 440 mm 380 mm 290 mm  195 mm 160 mm
High Profile Dry n/a 440 mm 380 mm 410 mm¹ 315 mm¹ 140 mm¹

¹ Includes height of legs.

Inground Filtered Sediment Trap
Wastewater Flow
Filter Containers
Inlet/Outlet (mm)
Filter Meash (mm)
NS97201 0.5 l/sec 12 l 40, 50. 75, or 110 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15
NS97202 1.0 l/sec 12 l and 20 l 40, 50, 75, or 110 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15
Under Bench Settlement Trap
Treatment Capacity
MTUBS60 60 l 605 mm 400 mm 353 mm
MTUBS100 100 l 730 mm 430 mm 430 mm
MTUBS250 250 l 1020 mm 530 mm 580 mm
Data Sheets
MTDT25 Cover
Dental Trap Data Sheet
MTUBS60 Cover
MTUBS60 Data Sheet
MTUBS100 Cover
MTUBS100 Data Sheet
MTUBS250 Cover
MTUBS250 Data Sheet

Further Information

Sediment Brochure Cover
Sediment Trap Brochure

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