Sediment Traps

Sediment Traps


The clean solution for wastewater with sediments, sand and sludge.

The sediment separator prevents residue such as plaster, lint, clay and other heavier-than-water substances from getting into the wastewater network and causing blockages.

MACTRAP polymer sediment traps are chosen nationwide as a superior alternative to metal or concrete options because they are corrosion resistant to most substances.  They are robust and lightweight, easy to install and come with a 30 year in-ground warranty. Their ability to be installed above and below ground along with their efficiency and reliability make them a trusted first choice.

MACTRAP offers three types of sediment trap for use depending upon the sediment to be trapped and the flow/volume of wastewater.

  • Filtered systems
  • Settlement systems with outlet filtration
  • Settlement systems

The systems are delivered completely assembled and are ready for immediate operation. The filters can easily be removed from the separator (where equipped) for disposal of the contents and cleaning.

How the sediment trap works

Waste water (with sediment) enters the sediment trap through the inlet. The trap has two or three chambers and as the waste water flows through the baffles between the chambers, the sediment drops to the bottom of the trap. Clean water passes through the outlet. Sediment needs to be extracted by vacuum or drainage – the frequency of removal will depend on usage. Models with filters will catch the sediment larger than the filter mesh for regular removal.

Removable filter models are more suitable for lint, plaster, and dental/lab applications.

Dental and Plaster Traps

Sediment trap for Medical, Dental and Laboratory

MACTRAP Dental and Plaster Traps are small, filtered sediment traps specially designed to remove plaster from the wastewater before discharging to the network.

Dental and Plaster Traps are easily installed and serviced and will handle most of the chemicals used in laboratory, medical and dental facilities. They can be located  under-bench and have a clear lid that lifts for inspection and cleaning.


Lint and Plaster Trap
(removeable filter)
S = Standard A = Pedestrian D = Vehicular
Data Sheet
MTDT25H and MTDT25L  Dental and Plaster trap in low and high profile models Data Sheet Dental Trap
MTLT250 (S) (A) (D) External HDPE lint trap with removable filter basket
MTLT500 (S) (A) (D) External HDPE lint trap with removable filter basket
MTLT1000 (S) (A) (D) External HDPE lint trap with removable filter basket
MTLT3000 (S) (A) (D) External HDPE lint trap with removable filter basket
MTLTSS50 Stainless steel in-line unit for commercial laundries
NS2 – 97 202/00 (A) (D) Kessel EasySink Ground with two stage filter Data Sheet EasySink NS 1-2
Sediment Trap
(Gravity Separation)

S = Standard A = Pedestrian D = Vehicular

Treatment CApacity
Data Sheet


NOTE: the sediment trap is dimensionally
identical to the grease trap in the data sheet
but has a different internal layout.
MTST75 (above ground only) 58 Data Sheet 75L
MTST125 (above ground only) 97 Data Sheet 125L
MTST250 (S) (A) (D) 252 Data Sheet 250L
MTST500 (S) (A) (D) 515 Data Sheet 500L
MTST750 (S) (A) (D) 726 Data Sheet 750L
MTST1000 (S) (A) (D) 946 Data Sheet 1000L
MTST1500 (S) (A) (D) 1550 Data Sheet 1500L
MTST2000 (S) (A) (D) 1980 Data Sheet 2000L
MTST2500 (S) (A) (D) 2460 Data Sheet 2500L
MTST3000 (S) (A) (D) 2940 Data Sheet 3000L
MTST6000 (A) (D) 5670 Data Sheet 6000L

Covers & Risers

Mactrap sediment traps are available with Class D Vehicular lids in cast iron, and Class A Pedestrian lids in HDPE.

Flexible coupling allows easy installation into the surrounding medium.

The risers and covers are fully sealed.

The riser mounts are pre-welded and the riser flanges and screw on lids are provided separately. The riser flanges and screw on lids are installed once the exact height of the installation is known. The risers can be cut on site to the required height.

Surrounding concrete or other medium must be engineered for the appropriate loading.

Further Information

Sediment Trap Brochure Data Sheet Dental Trap

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