Grease Boss Easy Clean G15 and G25

The automatic grease removal unit can be installed internally and is an option where it is not possible or viable to install an external passive trap.  

They have an internal, removable filter basket to capture solids flowing into the tank. Fat, oil and grease (FOG) is removed automatically into a disposable container. The Grease Boss does not require chemicals to be added so they are more economical to run than grease converters.

  Grease Boss Easy Clean G15 Grease Boss Easy Clean  G25

L:750mm W:500mm

L:849mm W:490mm H:471mm
Inflow rate* <1.6L/ sec <2.5L/ sec
Treatment capacity <390L <490
Static capacity 100L 120L
FOG removal rate ** <11.6kg/ hr <12.5kg/ hr
Pump out Yes Yes
Self clean function Yes Yes

*  When all operating aspects comply with operational manual
** When FOG components are at operating recovery temperatures and wiper is clean

New: Grease Boss G15 & G25

KBD Impression 4

  • Less cleaning - pump out reduces sediment build up and keeps FOG extraction high
  • Low maintenance costs - the wash-out function keeps the unit clean
  • Less space needed - G15 is only 371 mm high
  • No chemicals needed


  • A front-loading filter basket of 2mm gauge is located above water level to capture substantial solids and stop them flowing into and blocking the tank. The basket can be easily removed for regular checking and emptying if excess solids are not caught by a sink filter.*
  • Sealed to mitigate odour escaping
  • PLC controlled with visual screen explaining any operating issues
  • Accessible control buttons for service check and reset
  • Magnetic switch-off when lid opened
  • No heating element- instead it uses the hot water available in your own operation
  • Raw water supply should be at least 45C - most animal fats are viscous at 40C
  • Pump out option is controlled by PLC to occur only after FOG extraction cycle is complete
  • Can take dishwashers inflow**
  • Combi-oven options available 

*  All sinks or sources of FOG should have a permanent filter as well.
** Combined dish washer and sink inflow should not exceed specified inflow rate


  • Casing material:  304 Stainless steel
  • Timer/Controller: 230v, 50Hz, Crouzet PLC 24 hour operation
  • Motor: 240V – requires standard 10W fuse 


Dishwashers can be plumbed through the Grease Boss but the cleaning compounds used can compromise the ability of the Grease boss to remove the fat, oil and grease. Most councils allow dishwashers and self-cleaning ovens to be plumbed straight to drain.

Optional extras
90 degree flexible quick-coupling

Reduces the area required behind the unit by up to 150mm. Can be ordered with either the G15 or the G25.

Pic 1        Pic 2

Flexi running trap
Alternative to a conventional 'P' trap fitted on the outlet. Ideal for confined spaces where foul odour may come back via the outlet line.

Flexi running trap

See installation and maintenance for the Grease Boss for more information