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Starch Separators

Starch Separators

Starch Separator

EasyStarch – the strong solution for starchy wastewater.

Strong-acting against starch: EasyStarch. Starch occurs during the processing of potatoes, rice and grain. The starch separator EasyStarch is used to prevent deposits, encrustations and blockages in the drainage pipes.

EasyStarch is available for free-standing installation and underground installation. Please get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you and develop an individual solution for your specific requirements.

How it Works

Starch settles to the base of a starch separator due to it being heavier than water. However, foam formation can be expected inside the separator which needs to be reduced by an internal foam reduction spray system.

Wastewater discharge

Wastewater from the potato peeling machine is discharged into the starch separator via a flow calming section (calming section at least 1 m).

Formation of foam layer

Starch foam is reduced by a water spray system. Where possible, the water connection of the spray system is activated by switching on the potato peeler machine. Optionally, a water spray system with a submersible pump operates the spray system with water from the clean water zone of the starch separator.

Formation of starch layer

Spraying the starch foam causes the starch to settle to the bottom of the tank. The treated wastewater flows out of the starch separator via gravity.



a (mm)


b (mm)


h3 (mm)

Treatment Capacity


0.5 1500 680 1435 600
1 1880 680 1435 800
2 1910 940 1655 1350
3 2590 940 1655 1900

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