Oil & fuel separators and coalescence separators
MTF500L unit

Mactrap & KESSEL oil and fuel separators

These oil and fuel separators are one of the safest and most effective light oil capture systems available. They have integrated KESSEL self-actuated closure locks for oils and light liquids and are suitable for  applications up to NS1.5. For larger applications internationally approved KESSEL oil/fuel and coalescence separators are suitable for up to NS35.

Mactrap & KESSEL offer the full range for use where light liquids occur mainly:

  • Petrol/gas stations
  • Car washes
  • Vehicle repair garages and
  • Similar places

Oil separators - this special inlet system has a plug-flow effect in the separator. This slows down the liquid flow and distributes it over the separator space. The heavy materials sink to the bottom and are separated out. The light material rise to the top and are separated there.

Coalescence separators (KESSEL) - these work on the same gravity principle as oil/fuel separators. To increase coalescence performance there is an additional coalescence filter in the tank, unlike the oil/fuel separators. This filter is made of high quality polymers and has two functions. Firstly it has a positive influnce on the flow within the separator. Secondly it 'filters' the entire wastewater through the coalescence material.
EN 858 requires that coalescence separators have hydrocarbon outlet concentrations at or below 5mg/ltr.

All light liquid separators are supplied for underground installation up to load class D (refer to our specifications re installation).

There are suitable sampling chambers and alarm equipment available in the range for sizes up to NS20.

Mactrap oil/fuel separators

The 250 - 500L range can be installed above ground and below ground specially designed to use the KESSEL control systems adapted for NZ conditions. The Mactrap separators are made from HMWHDPE to EN 858.

MTF500L unit: NS 1.5, sludge capacity 360L, oil capacity 70L (excess 70L)

MTF250L unit: NS 1.5, sludge capacity 180L, oil capacity 35L (excess 35L)

  • Integrated sludge trap and self actuated closure lock, calibrated for light liquid with densities between 0.85g/cm3 to 0.95g/cm3
  • Optional backwater flap valve according to DIN135654 and Alarm unit.
  • Tank made of polymer with height adjustment to Class A and Class D covers
  • Inlet and outlet has Wallace seals to mitigate earthquake impact with 100mm synthetic pipe in either PE-HD to EN 12666-1 or PVC pipe to EN 1401:PP AS100mm
  • <65C continuous operating temperature

KESSEL oil and fuel coalescence separators

Mactrap is the distributer for KESSEL fuel and coalescence separators. These KESSEL polyethylene separators are fully water-tight and fracture resistant and are certified for bio-diesel use. They also carry a 20 year guarantee covering the structural integrity, watertightness and useability of the polyethylene components.

For larger operations and coalescence options see KESSEL for full technical information.