Cover and risers installation

Where a Mactrap passive trap is installed underground and the access points are lower than ground level, risers can be added to any of the Mactrap range. These can either be welded to the tank, or provided separately and welded to the tank when in situ. The risers are made from the same HDPE as the tank. The Class A (Pedestrian) and Class D (Traffic) lids are sealed and are manufactured to Class A & D specifications.

We recommend 2 risers for tanks sized 500L and larger for cleaning and servicing. A 3rd riser can be added if desired.

Usually the riser(s) are pre-welded and the flanges and screw on lids are provided separately to be installed once the exact height of the riser is known. The risers can be cut on site to the required height, if required.

The riser(s) default length is 450mm but can be any height up to 2m. We recommend at least 2 risers on any tank of 500L or larger for effective operation and cleaning. 

For pedestrian or vehicular traffic loading, refer to the installation details below. 

 Risers installation image

  1.  Place tank on level surface with sand/fine gravel to prevent damage to tank.
  2. Pack but do not compress side of tank with sand or fine gravel
  3. Set tank riser height to suit and position riser covers to proposed level.
  4. Pour concrete (concrete cover to be the customers engineer’s specifications to meet the required traffic/pedestrian loading. No loading to be applied to the tank.

Riser installation 2