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Food Hall

Food Hall

Customer: Private development group


The complex contains a food hall with six major tenants. A single grease trap is required to meet the combined output of all six kitchens.  The continuous flow rate is calculated at 4L/sec or NS4.  There is no external space for the installation of an unground grease trap, and the only available location for a grease separator is at the far end of a lower section of the underground car park.

Design Considerations
  • The greasy water will need to be collected at a basement location taking up no parking or traffic space.
  • Calculated flow rate of 4L/sec = NS4.
  • Grease Separator contents will need to be pumped out to a remote location.
  • Wastewater will need to be lifted to the sewer level.
  • Needs to be free-standing.
  • Access is required to safety service the wastewater lift pump and the auto mix pump.

Gravity flow to a free standing sealed grease trap located in car park. The KESSEL Auto Mix and Pump function empties the contents to a remote collection point. An internal lift pump raises the wastewater to sewer.

Considerations: The basement will have limited access for pump out so the grease trap will require an auto mix and pump function to an outside connection point.

Deploy an inground grease trap with chambered pump out and lift pumps to extricate the contents and wastewater respectively.

Considerations: Cutting into the basement slab for inground systems may compromise the structural integrity of the basement slab. More difficult access for pump servicing.

Solution: Auto Mix and Pump with Wastewater Lift Pump

Install the KESSEL EasyClean Auto Mix & Pump NS4 (4L/sec) to ensure remote emptying and automatic cleaning and refill.

Install the KESSEL Aqualift F XL Lifting Station to lift the wastewater to the sewer.


The system is easily managed through one central control which reduces set up cost and ongoing maintenance.

The wastewater lift pump has a sealed containment chamber effectively eliminating the possibility of spills or odours during normal operation. The pumps can be serviced from the basement without the requirement to enter deep chambers, and can be replaced or serviced without interruption to the operation.

The Auto Mix and Pump solenoid and pump can be mechanically isolated from the grease separator. The Solenoid and pump can be serviced from the basement without the requirement to enter deep chambers, and are isolated from the grease separator to enable replacement or service without interruption to the operation.